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Security and Maintenance

Our Security Professionals Keep Your Website and Server Safe

Websites Hacked Per Day*


Websites With at Least One 'Serious' Vulnerability**

Million New Malware Threats Released Yearly***

Front-end Updates

Over the course of it’s lifetime, your website may very well need some style and/or content updates. You might have changed your business’s hours, staff, services, logo, etc. It is important to keep your website’s content, information and overall appearance fresh. This is a great option for someone who has had their website developed in the last 2 years and would like some “touching up” but would not like a completely new website.

Back-end Maintenance

This is the most important maintenance for your website, as it is security driven. Back-end maintenance focuses on updating your CMS (and all of it’s various components), checking your server’s firewall rules and making sure other appropriate security measures are added to your website. Checking for code functionality issues and browser compatibility issues are also included in this service.

Webmastering (Contracted)

This type of support is usually only needed for websites that have high-traffic or e-commerce, or social network websites. Webmastering includes everything mentioned under Back-end Maintenance, Front-end Updates and then some. Webmastering can be arranged on a contract basis for either full or part-time support.

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